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business coaching

Openness to new possibilities is often suffocated by interferences that block individual, group and team potential with a weakening impact on performance:

Performance = Potential – Interference.

Our Business Coaching service supports people in understanding this correlation, in order to become aware of their resources and potential and train them to concretely achieve improvement, change and innovation objectives, reducing interferences.

What sets us apart?

The experience and direct presence in organizational contexts, gained through the management, leadership and support to complex business transformation and change projects. We know the dynamics and challenges that people encounter and that they are called to face, we have always accompanied them in this.

We also do this through the practice of professional Coaching.

Why choose us?

To help people face new professional challenges, prepare for changes, rethink their role and open up to new possibilities.

To support organizations in cultivating and enhancing the culture of professional Coaching.

Galaxy M63 Coaches are ICF-associated Professional Coaching graduates and adhere to the ICF - International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics and/or the AICP - Italian Association of Professional Coaches.

train the potential to open up to new possibilities

performance = potential - interferences